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Debricking Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH (Linux)

If you’re reading this you’re that means you don’t need further introduction to the problem, let go straight to solution then ;).

  • You will need some kind of firmware, apparently you can use official Buffalo firmware, official buffalo PRO (dd-wrt branded) firmware or just regular dd-wrt release. I used the first one – in my case wzrhpg300nh-176 (then you will be able to upgrade as usual, but for now let just get this one working again). Also you will need some kind of switch/another router, so you could connect both your PC and your bricked Buffalo to the same network.

  • Install the enhanced version of TFTP (sudo apt-get install tftp-hpa). Turn off you router. Setup static IP on your PC to of / Gateway:

  • In terminal cd to the directory where you downloaded&unpacked new firmware. Type sudo arp -s 02-AA-BB-CC-DD-1A (you can use real MAC address of your router, but fake one should work just fine).

  • Now it’s time for TFTP:

tftp> verbose
tftp> binary
tftp> trace
tftp> rexmt 1
tftp> timeout 60
tftp> put wzrhpg300nh-176 # this is the filename of downloaded firmware
  • Power up your router and wait for tftp to do it’s magic. After a while you should start seeing some progress and shortly after it should be transferred to the router.

  • Give it about 6 minutes to boot up. With a little bit of luck your router should be alive again.

More references: 1, 2. Good luck!