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Forgotten Projects

Here I will try to collect some of my old, maybe forgotten projects that I did in the past – just as a simple personal reminder about old days.

Polish Defrag Mappack

In the middle of the year 2003 I have started a project called Polish Defrag Mappack and the goal of that project was to gather the best polish Quake 3 mappers and together create a pack of beautiful and juicy Defrag maps. The result was quite successful and the released maps were really popular in the Quake3 Defrag community during that time. They were used in many Q3 trickjumping movies and played a lot on the available on-line servers.

I came back to that idea two more times and we released two more mappacks (dated 2004 and 2005) with various polish mappers (some contributed to all packs, others to one or two). We started up a private forum so we could test our maps and exchange ideas without any serious leaks to the community before final release.

I must say it was awesome experience and I had chance to work with great mappers and really nice people. I can’t believe it all started over 9 years ago as I’m writing it. You any one of you is reading it – thanks again for you hard work and contribution!

Here is the full list of all mappers that participated in that project:

  • dAde (PDM02, PDM03)
  • DyZi0 (PDM01)
  • Marko (PDM01)
  • Pea_IMPOSTOR (PDM01, PDM02)
  • SzakaL (PDM01, PDM02, she was supporting whole team through whole project with ton of experience and tips)
  • T4m8urYn0 (whole project)
  • TeK (PDM01, PDM02)
  • TymoN (PDM01, PDM02)
  • Yacek (PDM01, PDM02)
  • RuSHeR (PDM02, PDM03)
  • Gorat (PDM03)
  • ImOoR – (PDM03)
  • NemiX – (PDM03)
  • Progner – (PDM03)
  • v!c (PDM03)
  • and me

Total: 27 maps done by 16 mappers

If you own a Quake 3 and want to check out those maps:

  • PDM01 (released 07.2003) – 10 MB
  • PDM02 (released 03.2004) – 22 MB
  • PDM03 (released 10.2005) – 38 MB


pdm01_dyzi0 pdm01_marko pdm01_m pdm01_pea_impostor pdm01_szakal pdm01_t4m8uryn0 pdm01_tek pdm01_tymon pdm01_yacek pdm02_dade pdm02_m pdm02_pea_impostor pdm02_rusher pdm02_szakal pdm02_t4m8uryn0 pdm02_tek pdm02_tymon pdm02_yacek pdm03_dade pdm03_gorat pdm03_imoor pdm03_m pdm03_nemix pdm03_progner pdm03_rusher pdm03_t4m8uryn0 pdm03_vic