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Configuring ipv6 on OVH vps using netplan (Ubuntu)

There is an official guide regarding ipv6 configuration using Ubuntu’s netplan. It seems it skips one crucial thing tho - and that is default route. The route step is mentioned in non-persistent and file interfaces sections (the ip -6 route add part). In order to fully get v6 working on their VPS I had to add the route via routes declaration in netplan yaml configuration (Ubuntu LTS 18.04).

How to handle kill signal in go (inside a docker container)

Let’s say you have a go app deployed under docker and you want to handle kill signal send by docker (when docker stop is executed or when your service is being updated by docker swarm or whatever orchestration service). This usually should happen on long-running processes that need to close some connections, stop accepting new work before shutdown and so on.

Opensource Google Analytics alternative (with Traefik)

I have been trying to tune down the usage of Google services in my life in the last couple of months. The monopoly google has regarding the global Internet is simply not healthy and we should be more aware of whom we gave our data. Over the years we very easily traded privacy for convenience without even noticing. At least I did.

Terraform, Ansible or both?

A few weeks ago I gave Terraform a try. Ansible was my go-to tool when coming to managing servers for quite some time ago and I loved it for its simplicity and flexibility. So what about Terraform?

Demystifying Legacy (Rails) Project

I wanted to write this post for a long time. I have first drafts from Q3 of 2018, yet I never had the chance to crystallize my thoughts on that matter. Because how you demystify a legacy project? And not only in Rails but in general? I guess the answer is the same as for many other similar questions - it depends. Technical debt is unavoidable. One split there, another over there. Your team has a worse day, requirements are unclear, you have no better idea, you’re annoyed, frustrated, business requirements changed, you pivoted. Bam, a few months later you wonder who wrote this pile of crap? Oh yeah - it was you. Or blame the other guy/gal. Because it’s a tradition. Instead of trying to form my thoughts into nice words I will put a list of bullet points for future references - hoping that at least some of them will be still useful and valid.

Load balancing docker services with Traefik 2.0

I had overall good experience with Traefik 1.x used on Rancher 1.x (before they switched to Kubernetes, rest in peace Cattle container orchestration) and recently I have been trying to migrate my tiny playground infrastructure to Traefik 2.0. Unfortunately, the API is completely different and you have to wrap your head around the new concept how to handle load balancing from scratch. It seems official documentation is still not there yet so I’m gonna post some general examples specifically for load balancing docker services using docker labels alone (without using file configuration at all) - hopefully somebody will find it helpful.

How to become Linkedin specialist in two simple steps - check out ready to use template

The template below can be used by all experts, technology advocates, visionaries, founders, owners, trainers, CEOs and speakers that are trying to build up their audience on Linkedin. Feel free to use it and share it with your colleagues and coworkers.

Resolving - there is not enough disk space available to install the product issue (XCode/MacOS)

Apparently MacOS doesn’t free up disk space right away and overall it’s more complicated process. Reference. This causes error in AppStore when trying to upgrade bigger in size apps like XCode. If you go to Disk Utility you should see Available space and amount of purgeable space just near it.

Publish-subscribe pattern on Rails with wisper

I’m gonna skip introduction about what is publish-subcribe patter, what wisper is or how to use it and get straight to the real-life example.

How to migrate your old Synology to new Synology

Recently I have upgraded my good old Synology DS411slim to newer, bigger model - DS918+. I kinda started to run out of free space (1TB 2.5” x4) and decided to invest some money into a new box and new drives. There is an official guide how you can migrate with disk swipe, but as I wanted to move my data to new drives I just decided I would try to rsync everything. And BTW there is a screen command if you would like to run in the background that can be found on synocommunity.