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Back To The Crystal - Decorators and presenter ideas for Kemal

Note: Checkout part one about web frameworks options in Crystal. Once your Kemal app grows a little bit it seems obnoxious to declare tons of variables that are automatically passed down to the view. Personally what I like to do when I’m feeling that the amount of variables is too damn high and the logic used inside the Kemal router is getting hard to reuse - is to introduce a presenter (simple class, no magic there) that basically wraps whole logic responsible for initializing variables I will need.

Back To The Crystal - Background workers and deployment

In previous post I briefly discussed web frameworks options for Crystal. Once you have your main web application up and running usually pretty soon you need some sort of background worker - to do some heavy lifting, fetch some data and whatnot. In Ruby world you would probably choose between two most popular and straightforward redis-based solutions - resque and sidekiq (obviously there is much more to choose from).

Back To The Crystal - Choosing web framework

After over two years (dang that was quick 😳) I have decided to give Crystal another go. During those two years some nice libraries appeared and language seems quite promising - I hope it will gain some traction in the future. I will try to make a series of short posts regarding Crystal within this month as I think it lacks documentation/references and attention it deserves - and as I’m taking some longer time off from IT in general very next month I have to hurry :P.

5 Short Reflections From 5 Years

Last month I decided to quit, to stop being a manager/developer. 5 years ago I was looking for a place where I can improve my rails skills and suddenly I stayed at that place for 5 full years :). Below are the scribbles, I hope to read them again in few years (dang) and see how far I /hopefully!/ grew from there.

Setup and Tooling for small project as a single developer

As I’m still fooling around with my old pet project I decided to sum up current setup I’m on - from the basic things like where I host my stuff to what kind of tools/products I use, and how much does it cost me in the end (spoiler: I’m cheap as hell :P) So let’s see it. 1. Hosting Bare-metal, I’m an old folk and I change vendors whenever I feel I need to ;-).

Upgrading to Rails 5 - bunch of random tips

After like 3 weeks of not touching code I decided to refresh my pet project a little bit, below are random issues you might encounter while trying to upgrade your old Rails 4 app to Rails 5.

How to merge PDFs to a single page

Recently I have been selling a lot of my stuff. Simply getting rid of unused or unneeded things - and mostly I’m packing & sending it to other parts of the country by using a package carrier that requires printing labels. The standard drill. But those labels are kinda smallish, you can fit like 4 on single A4 page (it’s like a horizontal strip kid of thing). Ok so I’m sending 3 packages and I get 3 pdfs to print with huge amount of white space. I don’t own a printer anymore (sold it as well), I need to go photocopy point, technically speaking I could simply go and ask them to print 3 separate documents. But the environment and extra 20 cents - I just couldn’t stand it :P.

(Personal) API Clients (Anit-)Patterns

You’re building open source API client? That’s great ❤️ I like you already. But please keep in mind:

Goodbye Jekyll, Welcome Hugo

Pfew, after over a year of inactivity it’s time to refresh this site a little bit. It was on my todo list for over a while now.

Power to the masses

You can’t deny docker hype isn’t going anywhere any time soon. For a software that is barely 3 years (!) old it have already made quite impressive impact in the widely known IT ecosystem. I was fiddling with docker around a year ago for the first time and I wasn’t impressed (I won’t deny I’m mostly a consumer of open source world) - things did break, setup was awkward and tooling immature.