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How to finish your side project?

Want the real answer? Do the work. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Over one year ago, my GF and I had an idea for creating a simple web app that would extract Kindle clippings into some useful formats like Markdown (to store those in Obsidian) or CSV (for further import). Almost a year ago, I registered a domain, set up a landing in one evening, we started some drafts on code together, and then… nothing.

Working remotely from a perspective

I wrote (very vaguely) about remote work in mid-2014. I need to stand by the first sentence tho - time does fly by fast! What changed in those 7 years? I left a polish startup. Had a middle-life crisis. Bought a motorcycle. Travelled around souther Europe on that motorcycle. Found a place at a small, fully remote company from Switzerland. And never looked back at a office work since 2018.

Consul DNS services discovery in docker - gotchas

Official documentation describes the DNS service discovery configuration rather clearly. If you’re running consul as a system-wide service and running on the latest Ubuntu 20 LTS, you might encounter some gotchas as I did. I’m going to list a few for future-me and random internet strangers ;).

New infrastructure - recap

So I started to play around with Hasicorp Nomad, and for the time being, I’m done (well, not really). I have built the new infrastructure around Nomad and tooling provided by Hetzner Cloud - cloud servers (as I was already using those anyway), their load balancer, internal networking, firewall functionality, and attachable data volumes. Advertisement: If you would like to play around with Hetzner - get 20EUR for new Hetzner Cloud account via this referral link

MariaDB upgrade gotchas

Due to a recent infrastructure redo, I had to upgrade a stack that I did not update for around two years. I had MariaDB 10.3.4 and decided to try to upgrade it directly to 10.7.1. The overall process was relatively painless (data volume wasn’t that big), but a few things caught me by surprise.

Open source analytics (in 2021)

Over two years ago I wrote about open source alternatives to GA and I was running countly since then. As I’m still redoing my infrastructure using Nomad from Hashicorp after some struggle I realized that I don’t want to move Countly after all. Reason below.

Nomad 1.1.6 in practice - first impressions

Nomad by HashiCorp is an interesting alternative for workload orchestration. As the project reached version 1.0 somewhere in late 2020 after checking out its current feature set I have decided to pull the trigger and migrate all of my side projects, tools, and whatnot into new infrastructure based on Nomad backed by Consul and Vault and even give a Terraform another try. So HashiCorp all way in ;). The process is still ongoing - I have realized that my infra setup is around 2 years old already and during that time I setup a lot of different projects - some of them are tricky to update/move - eg. my Crystal app was created in Crystal 0.3.x era and basically nothing works nowadays. But that’s a different story for a different post. Here are my first impressions regarding Nomad itself.

Just Dance Controller on WearOS watch - proof of concept

My partner really likes Just Dance - I wasn’t aware of this game before tbh. But I quickly found it ridiculous that Just Dance doesn’t have a wearable application that acts as a controller. The only way to run the game on Xbox S is to wave your phone in front of your TV. What can possibly go wrong, right? I found numerous examples of people running the controller app on wear os devices thus I decided to give it a try myself!

Synology Home Video Server - attempt 2021

Around two years ago I bought a new Synology DS918+ and wrote an article about my new media stack. Since then over few iterations I recently ended up with yet another setup - that hopefully will be a final one ;). Let’s just jump straight into the how-to, I’m gonna skip ansible syntax this time as we’re gonna use Watchtower to automatically upgrade running containers on our Synology. What changed I started using Video Station a little bit more as they have quite a nice Android app that you can run on your TV, app can use an external player (I’m using MX Player, but feel free to use VLC or whatever) to stream files directly using hardware acceleration.

Nine years of blogging

I started this blog 9 years ago. Time flies fast. Domain was coined from awesome-lists that were getting quite popular on Github back in those days. Nowadays I would go with something simpler I suppose, but what the hell, I come to like it. I didn’t have in mind what the blog would be about - I just wanted to put random thoughts on the internet - after all, I did that since I was a teenager during my time when I was running quake.