I own a little pretty Buffalo Linkstation Mini that - I bought it over a year ago and I decided it’s about time to get this puppy for a spin, so to say. Tempted with idea of installing Debian on it I armed myself with a bunch of tutorials and just went for it.

Bricket my NAS twice during this operation. Took about half a day to fully restore it, try again, fail again and finally succeed.

So here are few tips for all of you, so you can learn from my mistakes :P

2012-07-26 - Where to go from there?

After messing for a while with my brand new NAS I’ve successfully updated old packaged using wheezy source lists (almost broke dependencies while doing that), didn’t had much luck compiling kernel tho. I’ve setup account I needed, configured samba shares and installed latest webmin. So far - very happy with old-new Buffalo Mini :-).

2012-07-28 - Some screens

Some screens of my working unit.

Buffalo Mini

Dissambled working unit with two Samsung 640GB drives.


Up-to-date system with webmin installed.