Whoa, that was a busy week, anyhow, here’s a quick reference for all new android phone users. If you own an old WindowsMobile 56 phone and you want to import your contacts and text messages here is a quick receipt (sources: 1, 2). Tools you will need:

For your windows phone:

For your android phone:

[Windows Mobile] Exporting contacts

Install and run PimBackup, choose Backup and uncheck everything except Contacts, click next, then uncheck everything except Create temp files in memory and click next again, wait for it and exit the app.

You will find a file called _PIMBackupxxxxxxxx.pib (name depends of the time of the backup) on your SD Card - download it to your computer. It’s a normal zip archive, so extract a file called _contactsxxxxxxxx.csc from it and rename it to .csv. Now you can clean it up a little bit (if you want) in LibreCalc, Excel or whatever you use.

[Android] Importing contacts

Visit gmail, go to Contacts and choose Import, select .csv file and your are done here. Now setup an google account on your android phone, go to contacts and choose sync from menu - now you should have a full list of your beloved people on your brand new phone.

[Windows Mobile] Exporting SMS

It’s really straightforward here - just install and run SMS exporter on your phone, choose to export messages and you will end on with file called SMS.xml.

[Android] Importing SMS

Install SMS Backup & Restore. From there choose Restore and select that xml file - wait for the import and you are done :).