For some time I was struggling with efficient of ts_highligh function of postgres using Rails and pg_search. I had bunch of really long articles and I wanted to highlight search results in the content as well in the title with the power of tsquery and polish dictionary that we feed our database.

In the end solutions was quite simple really, maybe not the most elegant one but does the job just right and in the end your will end up still with ActiveRecord::Relation, so you can easily paginate your results with will_paginate or kaminari gem.

So, let’s break it down.

First - I was using custom polish dictionary, and I already had a trigger in database that recreated my tsvector column every update/insert. So in that case you can declare PgSearch scope like that:

pg_search_scope :search_full_text,
 :against => :body,
 :using  => { :tsearch =>
                :dictionary       => "polish",
                :tsvector_column  => 'fts',
                :prefix           => true

And basically that works great, except when your try to select ts_highligh with can be painfully slow. So what I did there:

As you see I’m selecting id column and my highlighted body from paginated results (using will_paginate here). In the view you can display pagination over search_full_text(search_query).paginate(:page => page). Refactor it as you please. Right now it seems like the best solution I could think of - if you have better idea let me know!