You may have some reason to break outside MVC model and I won’t give you lecture why you shoudn’t really do it, neither I won’t describe how you will burn in hell for commiting that kind of sin. Instead I will provide a working solution how it can be done. Just as a example of bad pratice :P.

So – how to render view inside model in Rails 3.2?

Let’s start by creating an class that will inherit from AbstractController::Base. You will also need to include bunch of other classes that are required for rendering views, include url_helper, application helper and any other helpers that you may want to use, don’t forget to setup your views path.

# lib/render_abstract.rb
class RenderAbstract < AbstractController::Base
  include AbstractController::Rendering
  include AbstractController::Layouts
  include AbstractController::Helpers
  include AbstractController::Translation
  include AbstractController::AssetPaths
  include ActionDispatch::Routing
  include Rails.application.routes.url_helpers
  helper ApplicationHelper
  self.view_paths = "app/views"

  def show(article)
    @article = article
    render :partial => 'articles/show', :layout=>false

show method will accept object of class Article and setup variable accessible to view in standard fashion. Here’s how Article model looks:

# app/models/article.rb
require 'render_abstract.rb'
class Article < ActiveRecord::Base

  def render


Calling render on article object should now render your view. How about that. Just don’t tell anyone ;-).

In next part I will give you some ideas how can you proxy your Rails application inside existing PHP project. The hunt for witches begins now.