Finally, after initial commit_ I did almost year ago (30.12.2011) I decided it’s time to release this app I’ve been working on. I spent many, many hours after work and I don’t regret it - I learned A LOT of rails and now I can say I’m pretty confident when it comes working with RoR.

Yet I’m aware I kinda rushed it a little bit, but to be honest - year is a long time and I felt, I don’t know, personal pressure - I just had to release it before 2013 :P. It’s way better comparing to previous (legacy PHP) version and yeah - I’m proud of it - it will probably take a week or two for some various tweaks and fixes and later on I’m planning on adding some new cool features and maybe integrating another (already dead tho) quake-like project of mine into it? Time will tell, for now I feel I need to step back a little bit and take a break and just relax. Almost forgot - you can see the result

As I mentioned before on my blog I’ll try to find some time and talk about some common issues I’ve encountered. What can I tell now, just after release is:

I would also thank to Rails community, gem maintainers and all programmers who’re sharing their knowledge - without you I would probably spend another year (or three) building this app from scratch. Many thanks!

And of course… Merry Christmas everyone!