Few days ago I notice that RVM took over 8GB of my disk space for various gemsets/rubies. RVM in general is a beast (20k lines of shell script, you kidding me?!) and I used it since I started my journey with RoR, it was great (hey, you can support rvm 2.0 if you want/can) but I decided it was time to look for an alternative. It was nice meeting you RVM, but it’s time to move on. So to speak.

Didn’t take much to find a real beauty. Thanks to postmodern I found just the perfect combination: chruby - to easily switch mri/rbx/jruby and ruby-install to install binaries with just one command. And all of this in like ~500 lines of code, total. Go to github, checkout docs and just try it out. You can integrate it with capistrano wit no problem, if you want to keep gemset-like functionality on your dev machine you can always bundle with --path option (./vendor/bundle will work just fine, similar to how –deployment option works).