You can’t deny docker hype isn’t going anywhere any time soon. For a software that is barely 3 years (!) old it have already made quite impressive impact in the widely known IT ecosystem.

I was fiddling with docker around a year ago for the first time and I wasn’t impressed (I won’t deny I’m mostly a consumer of open source world) - things did break, setup was awkward and tooling immature. But that changed. Oh boy it changed.

With software like rancher that basically allows you to setup containers via web ui (or it’s rancher-compose that consumes docker-compose /v1 atm/ config) you can spin enterprise-quality software within minutes - and it just works. Crazy how far it got within such short period of time.

It truly blows mind my mind that you can setup sentry or your own CI with just few clicks. And I guess that is were all the hype lies - as a independent developer, given the right configuration, docker gives you power to single-handed developer & ship to production piece of code with all necessary dependencies (obviously there might be existing architecture limitation involved, but that’s a different story).

Sure there are some security-related concerns to be taken into an account (I recommend checking best practices), but overall I think times are bright.