As I’m still fooling around with my old pet project I decided to sum up current setup I’m on - from the basic things like where I host my stuff to what kind of tools/products I use, and how much does it cost me in the end (spoiler: I’m cheap as hell :P) So let’s see it.

1. Hosting

Bare-metal, I’m an old folk and I change vendors whenever I feel I need to ;-).

I was on two different shared hosting for a while, then moved to SYS (OVH dedicated), then to OVH VPS (Note: PL link) and currently I’m on Hetzner Cloud - basically downscaled everything x8 within a last year and a half. I keep there three static sites served via Caddy, Rails app (unicorn + sidekiq), docker with mariadb, elasticsearch and redis containers and a single static Go binary.

Plus I still have plenty of room for experiments when needed. I killed my servers many times in the past (due to misconfiguration), but that’s the great opportunity to learn (hello netboot rescue) and I don’t really care about 100% uptime.

Cost: around €5/mo ($6.2/mo) with few snapshots (Note: I use that box as storage box as well)

2. Version Control/Git

Bitbucket by Atlassian. Free private repos ftw - which I use 7 at this point. That would cost me $7 on github - $84 annually.

Cost: $0

3. Server configuration / management

Ansible - it’s simple and it allows to keep my infrastructure as code (git repo). I try no to touch any configuration manually. Give it and hour and you’re up & running, DSL is simple, configuration structure is very self-explanatory and clear. If you don’t need to constantly reconfigure thousands of servers Ansible is IMO the way to go.

Cost: Free (Open-source)

4. Domains

OVH. Didn’t had chance to research cheaper alternatives, the prices seemed reasonable few years ago (remember about price of the renewal!). For now - works for me.

Cost: Vary (depending on domain), from like $1.5 to ~$15/year

5. DNS

Mostly cloudflare, free plan is more than enough for your daily needs.

Cost: $0 for basic plan

6. Monitoring

Again I go with very simple solutions:

In both cases I have email alerts enabled for each service I monitor.

Cost: Free / (M/Monit is paid version), $0 (uptimerobot is free up to 50 checks)

7. SSL

Let’s encrypt. No more paying for ssl certs, yay! Modern webservers usually provide support for let’s encrypt out of the box - Traefik or Caddy (waning: they changed the license a while back) for example.

Cost: $0

8. Email

I don’t use much of an email and I don’t want to configure mailserver on my bare-metal box - did it few times and it’s just too much work (at least for me). That’s why I use Mailgun, just generate smtp credentials and you’re good to go, hassle-free!

Cost: $0 (up to 10000 emails/month)

9. Error tracking

Sentry. I was mentioning errbit as open source alternative for Airbrake here few years ago, but forget about it, Sentry is the new king in town. Slick UI, works across every modern language nicely and you can even self-host it in minutes via docker image.

Cost: $0 (up to 10k events/month) / open-source (paid plan options)

10. CI / CD

CircleCI; if needed I can always self-host Drone (which I simply love) - and to be honest I prefer Drone’s syntax/way of configuring things, it seems CircleCI can be sometimes kinda limiting, eg. I think you still can’t fully purge cache in their 2.0 version, you have to change cache key as a workaround. But for now CircleCI does the job right and I appreciate that they offer free plan in the first place.

Cost: $0 (1500 “build minutes” per month included)

11. Analytics

Basic free stuff: Google Analytics (wich Search Console integrated) and Fullstory on top of that - because sometimes I like to check user’s behavior and realize how bad my UX skills are :P.

Cost: $0 (up to 1000 monthly sessions)

So as you see I use a quite a few services that I don’t pay a dime for - and I truly appreciate that those platforms offer free stuff for folks like me 😘 (very low usage & single dev).

Summing it all app - hosting with domains costs me around $130 a year and I should probably drop some of my old unused domains and scale down to less than a hundred bucks a year #oniondev.