So it’s been a while since I finished prototyping my very first app in Crystal. I decided to dust if off a little bit around a week ago.

It’s not available under domain, but aside that I got yet another idea based on the original concept.

After watching Travelers, then almost right after that 12 Monkeys (goddamn I love that show), followed by Schitt’s Creek (I needed more of Emily Hampshire, don’t judge me) I started to wonder how much life I wasted on television. So I quickly glued (that’s not an overstatement) estimator for that - based off what I already had.

It simply multiplies number of shows episodes reported by IMDB with length of episode and gives you an estimate, no rocket science really - but at least now I know how big part of my life were TV shows.

Example “Starting sets”:

Top 50 Rated TV shows & Most Rated TV Shows. And here is mine set (most likely incomplete)

Technically it still based on crystal backend with postgres as database and just slaps some of javascript inline (yup) on top of everything (semantic ui components + Chart.js with color schemes plugin + countUp.js).