How can you sleep when people are building serverless applications in the cloud with blockchain while sitting in a self-driving car powered by AI and machine learning?

Don’t get me wrong - behind some of those words are hidden really interesting things and problems, but as an average Joe that is doing mostly web-related stuff how do you deal with such noise?

I think the answer to this is the same principle you might apply to different problems - keep it simple.

Simple is often small, often boring. Because new is exciting. New is cool. A new gadget is exciting, a new car is fun, a new javascript framework that will solve all your issues sounds reassuring.

New promises a better way of doing things, a way that will solve all your problems and worries. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case.

You mostly seen that before. Source: wikipedia

Simple means it solves problems at your scale and is manageable with resources you were given. While some approach might help bigger teams to move faster (despite various shortcomings), it might cripple smaller teams due to maintenance/complexity overhead it brings.

So often you don’t need to spin up Kubernetes cluster (cool) - instead, you can bootstrap a few vpses with the latest Ubuntu LTS using Ansible (boring). You might want to use - god-forbid - jQuery to solve a small task (old & boring) instead of dropping the whole ecosystem of React/Vue.js (new & hip) on your shoulders.

In the end, it’s always a bargain and there is no silver bullet. So choose your fights wisely.