I wanted to write this post for a long time. I have first drafts from Q3 of 2018, yet I never had the chance to crystallize my thoughts on that matter. Because how you demystify a legacy project? And not only in Rails but in general? I guess the answer is the same as for many other similar questions - it depends.

Technical debt is unavoidable. One split there, another over there. Your team has a worse day, requirements are unclear, you have no better idea, you’re annoyed, frustrated, business requirements changed, you pivoted. Bam, a few months later you wonder who wrote this pile of crap? Oh yeah - it was you. Or blame the other guy/gal. Because it’s a tradition.

Instead of trying to form my thoughts into nice words I will put a list of bullet points for future references - hoping that at least some of them will be still useful and valid.