I started this blog 9 years ago. Time flies fast. Domain was coined from awesome-lists that were getting quite popular on Github back in those days. Nowadays I would go with something simpler I suppose, but what the hell, I come to like it.

I didn’t have in mind what the blog would be about - I just wanted to put random thoughts on the internet - after all, I did that since I was a teenager during my time when I was running quake.net.pl

I put zero effort into positioning the blog, on marketing it anywhere really. Yet some people manage to still find with through search engines. Sometimes even it helps them to solve some problems. After recent googling, I discovered that in 2021 my post from 2012 about omniauth URI mismatch is relevant for some folks. Internet is an amazing and funny place.

I don’t write about rocket science stuff, because I cannot into rockets. But writing about some struggles with Linux libs or about how to overcome some js-library quirks can still be fun.

I don’t care about pushing great content out there. In terms of quality and depth, I will go with mediocre every single day. Writing is hard and I think you just have to go out there and publish your stuff instead of trying to create that perfect blog with a perfect list of perfect blogposts. So here is 🥂 for the next nine years I suppose.