Over two years ago I wrote about open source alternatives to GA and I was running countly since then.

As I’m still redoing my infrastructure using Nomad from Hashicorp after some struggle I realized that I don’t want to move Countly after all. Reason below.

Unfortunately, Countly’s upgrade process on the self-hosted version running within a docker container was a little bit painful. After struggling with the mongodb upgrade itself and moving data between two hosts I kinda gave up and decided to look for something different. Given the number of different side projects I have any unpleasant maintenance is a big no in my book nowadays. Fathom was still on the table as even I thought it was too limiting two years ago it turned out I don’t spend that much time looking at those analytics ;).

The end goal is just to have some general overview of traffic - to see which content is being most engaging, nothing fancy. I went with plausible that have pretty solid docker support - UI wise it’s pretty very similar to Fathom’s, it integrates nicely with Google Search Console - so you can have even more insights in a single place without compromising your visitors’ privacy. Taking privacy to the extreme goaccess might be next on my plate to check, but one thing at a time.

Hopefully, around the end of this year/early 2022, I will post how to set up Plausible using Nomad - first I need to fully migrate everything to new infra :).

Real-life screenshot from Plausible (added after the post was published)