Due to a recent infrastructure redo, I had to upgrade a stack that I did not update for around two years. I had MariaDB 10.3.4 and decided to try to upgrade it directly to 10.7.1.

The overall process was relatively painless (data volume wasn’t that big), but a few things caught me by surprise.

Update 2021.12.19: I forgot to mention setting that setting max_statement_time affects your db backups - as mysqldump respects that value (which is not that obvious) - that might lead to incomplete sql dumps! See this stackexchange thread for references. You might want to create a dedicated user for mysqldump or workaround the problem by setting the global value of max_statement_time during your backup (and restoring it after it’s done) - both options are less than ideal. This feature request from 2019 lists some reasonable suggestions (that will be implemented one day hopefully).