I have a huge sentiment for Quake 3; that’s no shock, given I’m still keeping quake.net.pl running. The significant factor of its popularity was that it was moddable and OSP, CPMA, and many more had their communities of gamers, mappers, and content creators.

I recently picked up BeatSaber for Oculus Quest again - it’s a fun but simple game. Unfortunately, it seems the authors push hard against the modding community - obviously, money is a big factor here. With a huge unofficial library of available songs, why would you bother with buying DLCs? So it seems every upgrade of the game breaks half of the mods. I got to the point where - even though I paid for a few DLCs - I can’t run some of those as I don’t try to update the game anymore not to break custom content. And frankly speaking - this game without custom songs loses most of its charm. The default song list is rather from a single genre, and if you don’t like it - you’re out of luck because this is the only thing you get (unless you buy some packs right after purchasing the game).

I wish more software were like Quake 3 - open for modification and extension.