Is it possible? Yes. Does it make sense? Probably no.

Under the Apple M1 chip, you have two options: Crossover or Parallels. The first one is supposed to be more performant. The latter allows you to install Windows 11 ARM (get it via Windows Insider Preview program), which is supposed to cover more software and runs DirectX12.

After getting a new Mac Studio, I decided to try Parallels simply out of curiosity. And to my amusement - it really works. With some minor hiccups, I was able to play (and finish) the whole Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (and now I’m definitely getting the next revision of PS5). It even supported the Xbox Series gamepad out of the box; I just paired it on my Mac, and it magically appeared on Windows virtual machine. If you think about it - it’s pretty rad how software can be emulated through so many layers and still work.

Performance-wise obviously, it’s not superb, and I noticed significant FPS drops in some locations of the game; but again - the fact it even runs is mind-blowing.

It was a nice experiment, but obviously, I wouldn’t recommend it long-term for gaming purposes. The license alone will cost you €120/year for the pro version that allows allocating more than 4vCPUs and 8GB of RAM. Using cloud gaming services like boosteroid might have more sense long term.