Over the years, I have accumulated various ongoing/past side projects where I tinkered with mostly unstructured stuff.

I decided it was time to let them go. My initial learnings were great, but I realized it’s impossible to keep up with everything while having a full-time job. Maintenance cost - domains, servers/storage, and mostly - time - was not worth the return.

So I’m saying goodbye to:

I will also part ways with some self-hosted tools like Grafana or Prometheus, as I realized I rarely use them anyway.

I will keep my Nomad setup and probably take Nomad 1.4 for a spin as I hope to get rid of Consul & Vault in favor of Nomad’s build-in secrets & service discovery features. As a side note, having Nomad and sticking to docker significantly streamlined the continuous deployment process with Github actions (build an image, fire nomad job, call it a day)