tldr: it’s not so straightforward and can’t be done that quickly, but you can streamline the process, so it’s not a huge PITA.

My LinkedIn profile literally become LinkedInLunatics subreddit. How did that happen? Oh, I know how, years ago, I just accepted almost every invite from almost every person. Fast forward 9 years later, I got a linked feed with a bunch of coaching BS, crypto boys fanatics, and people just building their audience. I decided it’s time to revisit some of those old contacts.

How to do it so it won’t take you five days? You can visit my connections - but each removal requires three (!) clicks. Opening dropdown -> choosing delete from the dropdown -> confirming the removal.

When you want to get rid of 300+ connections, that will not fly. But you can make your life easier by pasting this script into the web developer console:

// this used to work in late-ish 2022, I do not guarantee it's not broken already tho
var jq = document.createElement('script');
jq.src = "";

setTimeout(function() {
	console.log('Assuming jquery was loaded')

	jQuery('.scaffold-finite-scroll').on('click', '.artdeco-dropdown__trigger', function(el){
		console.log('On click dropdown')
		// trigger button click after dropdown 
		setTimeout(function() {
			console.log('Trigger dropdown button')
			jQuery(' button').click()
		}, 700);

	jQuery('.scaffold-finite-scroll').on('click', ' button', function(){
	console.log('Will remove connection in a sec')
	setTimeout(function() {
	console.log('Confirm removal')
}, 700);

}, 2000)

That way you won’t have to confirm every removal with extra two clicks. Just imagine how much time it will save you! 💰

60% of the time, this script works every time. As it assumes that elements will load in 700ms, feel free to tinker with it for your needs.

You might need to tweak CSP policy (e.g., using a browser addon) to inject jQuery into Linkedin, or you might want to try using vanilla JS. But I do not recommend that - it seems like Linkedin is doing some javascript trickery, and I had very little work hooking event handlers using native JS code. But then again - I’m not a JS expert.

Use it, abuse it but remember to accept my invite when I’ll by building my audience! 🖖